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SLC Protests

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

This was a peaceful protest but still intense throughout. The chants at the rally were loud, cars honking as they drove past, a few opposing people on the outskirts could be heard yelling their opposition occasionally.

No police were at the Washington Park location. But as we marched to the Police Station, they were ready. Several in front of the building, along the sides, and rear. You could police inside the building as well, behind the shattered glass from the riots on Saturday.

One officer took a knee as the protestors were shouting "Kneel with us"! As he did, the crowd went wild with exclamations of "That's what I mean"!

From there they marched back to Washington Park. A few minutes after arriving you started to hear alerts blaring from attendees cell phones. It was curfew. An emergency alert had gone out about the new 8:00 pm curfew for the week. We needed to head home.

Instead, they marched to The Capital building. The Highway Patrol was there, formed in lines, surrounding The Capital building. Chants continued as a message repeated over the loud speaker, in English and Spanish, telling us that The Capital was closed and we needed to disperse to the South or West or there would be arrests.

After five minutes of chanting the group did disperse to the West.

I was surprised at tone of the words that were being said by the organizers. There was definitely an underlying tone of "Black Lives Matter". But much of the protest was anti-police, in any way, and anti-government. A lot of talk was made about dismantling the system, meaning the government. This was a a call for a revolution.

This wasn't necessarily a bad thing. America was born from revolution. I just wasn't prepared for it.

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